Monday, May 23, 2011

Tofu and Veggie Melt Sandwich

This sandwich is inspired by one I used to make while working in a Cafe. I say inspired because I cannot remember the recipe. lol. A friend turned me onto this and we always used to go eat lunch there (before I worked there). I cannot remember what all goes into the marinade, but I know there's soy sauce and garlic. I also forgot to add avocado to it. But I did remember it comes with garlic jack cheese YUM. So basically it's marinated sliced tofu in some sort of Asian flavors, on toasted sourdough with garlic jack cheese, sprouts and other veggies you like. It's soooo good. I wish we weren't so far from home, I'd go get one of these (and probably still be working there, I loved it). Here's how I made mine:

Tofu and Veggie Melt Sandwich
inspired by Calico's Cafe

about 1/2 C low sodium soy sauce
1 TBL crushed garlic
firm tofu block, sliced
sourdough sliced bread
garlic jack cheese
tomatoes, sliced
red onion, sliced
avocado, sliced

Add just enough soy sauce with garlic to cover tofu in a container to marinade over night (or a few days). Lightly toast sourdough bread, place 2 slices of tofu on bread, add one or two pieces of garlic jack cheese, melt toaster oven or under broiler for a minute. Meanwhile, on your other slice of toast sourdough, add your veggies. Add the tofu melt piece and cut sandwich in half. Enjoy!

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camille said...

Wait. Garlic jack cheese? That exists? I MUST HAVE SOME.

Rachelle @ "Mommy? I'm Hungry!" said...

Hi Camille, Yes it does! I love it, but it can be a little $$. Look for it near the specialty cheeses (near the deli counter), probably where you might find goat cheese and such.


Shelby said...

Um, YUMMY. Of course, Grumpy would turn his nose up at it. He won't eat avocados. lol I can get him to eat tofu though! :)

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