Thursday, February 10, 2011

Ramen Noodle Stir Fry

Ok, so this recipe is really easy (click to see his video). Yes it uses that Ramen noodle soup stuff, what? Yes I like it once in a while. Lately I've been making it and draining the broth off and adding my own flavoring like sesame oil, garlic...Then I found this recipe on YouTube. Like I said, it's very easy and you can add your own veggies and or meat. This time I used some leftover Filipino chicken (recipe to be posted, it's GOOD!) and frozen stir fry veggies. I made this when Mr. was home for lunch, and he even liked it. Told you I love noodle stir fry!

Ramen Noodle Stir Fry
Kai's recipe, adapted and in my own words/2 servings:

2 chicken ramen noodle packs
1/2 C raw or leftover meat, thinly sliced
1 seasoning packet from ramen noodles
1 Tbl sugar
1 Tbl soy sauce
1 Tbl sesame oil
1/4 tsp chili paste
1 Tbl canola oil
1 Tbl crushed garlic
1/2 C veggies, frozen stir fry variety

Cook ramen noodles for 3 minutes, drain and toss with a little sesame oil, set aside.
Combine seasoning packet, sugar, soy, sesame oil, chili paste together. Set aside.
Heat canola oil in large skillet or wok. Add garlic, toss for a few seconds, add meat. Cook 3 minutes until done, or heated if using leftovers. Toss in veggies and heat through. Add noodles and seasoning mixture, stir fry for a minute and toss through.

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Lesley said...

Oh. My.
This looks amazing. Writing down ingredients and making this Saturday night!

camille said...

There's no shame in ramen! Sure, here it means "college student food," but in Japan it's a perfectly valid thing to get at a restaurant, because it's super delicious. Dig this ramen I made:

This looks awesome too - fried noodles are great. I've saved this recipe!

zacharonimom said...

Just wanted to let you know that I enjoy reading your blog, and have nominated you for the "Stylish Blogger Award". Come check it out on my blog post, and Congratulations!

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