Sunday, October 2, 2011

Bento Box Lunches

This year I decided to make Bento Box lunches for our 3rd grader. I thought the fun foods would entice her to EAT all her lunch! But when she doesn't, that PackIt lunch bag keeps it nice and cool to snack on the way home. If you search Bento Box lunches you may find some really fancy ones, like making scenes or characters from the food. Well, I'm not getting that crafty with foods, just simple little finger foods in cute compartments.
Here are some photos of some of the lunches I have packed. It may look like a lot of food, but really it's just like a pinch of each thing. Maybe they'll give you an idea of what you can pack for your bento box.

{How to make the egg mold, click here for a how-to video, fwd to 1:53. Basically use a boiled egg, coled and peeled then place in a mold and into fridge for about 5 minutes, but I just do mine overnight}

{Top photo: ham & turkey w/bun kabobs, cheese kabobs, beef jerky, nuts & dried fruit trail mix, strawberries, PB pretzels and a star shaped boiled egg, plus yogurt for snack & water bottle} all tucked nice & neat in the Easylunchboxes.

{sandwich cut into rounds, cheese shapes, veggie chips, cut pickle, sliced orange, melon shapes and cereal bar for snack}
{PJ & honey, beef jerky, cheese shapes & crackers, cheese shapes w/ham kabob, cut pickle, olives and carrots}

{cheese shapes & ham kabob, boiled egg, homemade trail mix, beef jerky, plum, grapes & strawberries}

{ham & turkey w/grapes kabobs, boiled egg, plum, cheese shapes, melon shapes, fruit leather shapes, PJ pretzels, trail mix}

{salami roll ups w/ swiss cheese}

{boiled egg, PB & honey sandwich, cheese cubes, crackers, cut pickle & carrots, olives & beef jerky}

{great tip: use Glad Press'n seal to cover those messy items such as juicy pickles, pudding, applesauce, etc...don't forget to pack a spoon or fork}

all packed up ready to take to school

sometimes I secure the lunch box with a rubber band, the press'n seal won't give the lid a tight close

{not pictured here are the egg molds, see top photo}

Here is a list of items I use for my Bento Boxes:
-Packit cooler lunch bag
-EasyLunchboxes 3-compartment Bento Lunch Box set of 4
-Cookie Cutters/biscuit cutters, asst. sizes
-Stainless Steel Vegetable Cutters
-Silicone Muffin cups
-Plastic Egg Molds
-Bamboo Food Skewers
-Glad Press'n seal
-Rubber Bands

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Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for sharing these great ideas! I love that you showed all the things you use to create your lunches. Awesome!!

Anonymous said...

Just what I needed. Thanks

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