Friday, August 12, 2011

A Peanut Butter Pie for Mikey

This is a special post for a fellow food blogger, Jennifer Perillo of In Jennie's Kitchen. Her Husband suddenly passed away last week leaving behind two beautiful little girls and Jennifer. I don't know Jennifer personally, and I only first heard of her a week before of some good news that came her way, then sadly the next I heard was this sad terrible news. News spread fast in the blogging community through Facebook and Twitter. She posted a beautiful sweet home video of her Husband dancing with his little girl, and my heart broke as I watched. My heart goes out to Jennifer and her girls, she has been in my thoughts all week.

Jennifer announced in a recent blog post that we should all make a Peanut Butter Pie in honor of him. Everyone came together and there was a Facebook event made for Mikey's memory and hundreds joined in. I reckon the grocery shelves are bare of peanut butter and chocolate tonight, for you Mikey.
Come and check out the growing list of bloggers who also made a pie for Mikey or read along on Twitter hashtag #apieformikey.

I made Jennifer's Peanut Butter Pie today to share with my family. You may find the recipe for this Peanut Butter Pie at Jennifer's blog.

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Tres Delicious said...

I wish that cake was for me. It looks so delicious. Great photos

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