Monday, February 18, 2013

Two Ingredient Pancakes

Thought I'd give these super simple pancakes a try, I've seen them around long enough and I bet you have the ingredients needed so you can whip these up tomorrow! Now I have found that these are best to cook as smaller pancakes, they are delicate and could be difficult to flip if they are larger size. These came out great, reminded me much of crepes, just slightly thicker and not as pliable. Even my 5 year old says they were "so good!".

a freckle photo

Two Ingredient Pancakes
as seen from Green Organic Mama, makes about 8-10 pancakes

2 ripe bananas
4 whole eggs
oil for pan (I used coconut oil)

Heat a small skillet over medium/low heat. In a blender or food processor blend the bananas and eggs together until smooth. Heat a little oil in the skillet and add about 1/4 cup size scoop of batter. Allow to cook until golden on both sides, about 2 minutes each ( I cooked mine closer to low heat). Serve as desired, I liked mine with slices of banana and a little syrup.

Peanut Butter & Vanilla pancakes (4 Ing. pancakes)

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glsmile said...

Mmm! This looks so good! I love how it looks so easy, nutritious, and delicious!

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