Monday, May 16, 2011

Bacon Pancakes

Good Morning (oops, this didn't post this am), I recently found out what all the talk was with Pinterest (follow me if you like), because I too have taken quite a liking to it (too bad my IE doesn't care for it, it always freezes up). Anyways, I saw these on another Rachelle's board...Bacon Pancakes. What a neat concept, an all in one bite! I've done chopped up sausage in the batter before, but this way is just so much cuter. I was hoping the kids could dip these into syrup, but they don't really work that way, lol. Mine look a little funny because I poured the batter around the strips instead over them like they did. They were delish though.

Bacon Pancakes
as seen at Pinterest

Cooked strips of bacon (try to keep them flat)
Your favorite pancake batter (here's mine)
Maple Syrup

Place your cooked strips of bacon on griddle or hot pan. Pour pancake batter around a strip of bacon, let brown then flip over to cook other side until golden. Serve with maple syrup.

I am sharing some with
Hunk of Meat Mondays

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  1. This is a cool idea! I have never seen or thought about this before! Thanks for sharing!

  2. How awesome are these! You have to come link them up on Hunk of Meat Monday!

    Also, thanks for introducing me to pinterest. Just what I need, another distraction!

  3. Ohh I love Pinterest! Bacon IN pancakes...yes please

  4. I love pancakes and bacon and this goes one step beyond yummy come see what I shared it had bacon in it as well


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